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The best talent should work in public - we've reinvented Advisable to make that happen

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We started Advisable to help ambitious companies collaborate with world-class freelance specialists across hundreds of marketing-related skills. A little over a year ago, we were doing 'great': growing fast with many big-name customers spending millions on our talent. To top it off, we'd just raised a new round of funding.

However, a series of realisations (covered here) prompted us to change just about everything about how we operated.

Part of what inspired this transformation was our failure to find a designer for our new website on our own platform. Despite us saying we were a network of the 'best talent', we knew that the kind of person who could pull off our ambitious concept wasn't likely to be spending their time hunting for projects. Instead, one day, I came across a beautiful product called Cruuunchify. I was so impressed with it that I reached out to Josh, the lead designer behind it, and pitched him to work with us.

We collaborated with Josh to create something great but we only found each other because we got lucky: as a web designer, the result of Josh's work was available online. Almost by accident, he was working in public - doing exceptional work and sharing it for others to find.

After realising that what worked for us to find the best talent wasn't what was happening on our own platform, we decided to fundamentally reinvent Advisable to help all the best talent work in public.

We believe that, if they do this, it'll result in them getting discovered by clients who want to collaborate with them to do meaningful, impactful work that they're proud of.

This is how we're helping make it happen:

1. How we're making it 10x easier for talent to showcase their best projects & work in public

Every year, countless talented specialists execute innovative and impactful projects. This could be a crypto community expert who starts a movement around pixelated animal drawings, an event manager who creates an immersive VR experience, or a technical marketer who builds an AI-powered Twitter bot.

Unlike design projects, showcasing most work in a way that does it justice isn’t easy so it ends up being forgotten. We want to change this and make it 10x faster & easier for people to share what they've accomplished - by helping them build & amplify case studies of their best projects!

We've created a tool that makes the process of creating a case study of a project as easy as having a conversation: you simply talk to our interviewer asynchronously about what you did - the background, process, results and more - and this gives us all the material we need!

We then take a transcript of this conversation, go through all of your answers, and build the first draft of your case study. We then share this with you, alongside feedback from our team,  to edit and add assets.

This should take under an hour and, by the end, you should have a compelling case study that expresses your individual brilliance in a way that peers can learn from and potential clients can get excited about!

Once you've been accepted to Advisable, we give you a profile to share with the world. Rather than your professional life being defined by your job titles, we help you define yourself based on what actually matters: the work you've done & the impact it's had!

You can see some examples of what these profiles look like here:

Quick view of Andrew Sabatier's profileQuick view of Ritika Puri's profileQuick view of Zach Grove's profile

With our case study creator and profiles, we're aiming to give you the keys to working in public - a way for you to easily explain your most impressive accomplishments and showcase them to others.

2. How we're helping talent get discovered for meaningful freelance projects through their work

We believe that if you begin sharing your accomplishments and start working in public,  you'll attract more and more exciting opportunities.

Firstly, most of your network probably knows vaguely what you do but doesn't know what it really means. Working in public helps educate them and makes sure they think of you when they, or someone in their network, needs you.  

Secondly, everyday, people are searching online for stuff related to what you do. Our case studies are the kind of content that search engines love - long-form, engaging and written by an expert - and we want to make sure it's the thing people find when they're doing these searches!

Finally, we also want to recommend you to relevant clients on our platform! For example, if a SaaS startup is interested in pursuing Google Ads, they tell us who they are and what they're looking for:

Using this information, we make highly-tailored recommendations of different people who've executed similar projects for other SaaS startups:

Each recommendation contains a case study designed to help the reader understand what the recommended specialists actually do and help them imagine the impact they might have on their company:

Once they discover you and are excited to work together, we make it easy for them to pitch you to join their team:

We want to leverage the case studies you create to accelerate the value you get from working in public - to help clients find you and get excited about working with you. Our goal is to help you build the kind of trusting, collaborative relationships that result in you doing your best work.

What would a world in which all the best talent works in public look like?

We want to make working in public so easy that anyone who's done exceptional work can do it and create a place where they feel recognised and get rewarded for doing so. We want to make it simple for ambitious companies to discover the best strategies & tactics they need to consider and easily collaborate with the people behind them.

Once they connect, we want to support both parties to help them achieve more together than either could individually!

We believe that, at a small scale, this philosophy can enrich and empower both individuals & companies but, if implemented at a large scale,  can change how people work and how companies are built.

We believe that working in public is the key to unlocking a future that can be overwhelmingly better for everyone, and we want to help make that happen!

If you want to experience this future as a client or freelancer, you can learn more and sign up on our website here!

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